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Hiring A Hoarder Cleaning Service in Pearl City, HI

Ever since the topic of hoarding has become popularized by reality television, it seems as though everyone wants to know more about this tragically misunderstood disorder. Hoarder Cleaning services have begun to spring up left and right as the demand for qualified professionals in Pearl City who can deal with this illness increases.

A hoarding condition can manifest itself in many ways, and in varying degrees of magnitude. It can be something as benign as a record enthusiast allowing their collection to get out of hand, all the way up to someone in possession of over a hundred cats who has never once cleaned a litter box. The extreme cases are often the one's that get the most attention.

If you are a rental property owner in Pearl City who has had to deal with reclaiming an environment after a hoarder has moved on it is likely you have a much better understanding of what is at stake than the average television viewer.

If you are dealing with a hoarding situation for the first time, then you need to know a few things before you start tossing things into the street.

Assessing the Cluttered Environment in Pearl City, HI

The problem in dealing with a hoarder situation is much deeper than simply cleaning up a massive pile of debris, or catching and removing an unreasonable number of pets. The real issue is the underlying social and mental risks that are at stake.

Hoarding Cleanup

Many hoarders are completely oblivious to the fact that a problem even exists. An otherwise normally functioning adult by all outward appearance a hoarder can stand neck deep in newspapers and trash bags in their home denying it as evidence of anything serious.

This behavior is an earmark of the disorder, in that the person is showing signs of not being able to make sound decisions regarding their environment or activities.

When you're assessing a possible hoarder scene be on the lookout for piles of clutter, stacks of unopened mail, kitchens and bathrooms are commonly the first areas to be ignored and to become over cluttered.

Ask yourself if there are any current fire, water, or electrical hazards in the area. This can include debris blocking off hallways and exits. Are boxes or stacks of magazines inhibiting the ventilation? Are there an excessive number of pets? Are they clean and well groomed?

Do they look well fed? Are their hygiene needs being met etc. all are good things to consider if you think there may be a hoarding issue with a family member, friend, or tenant.

Clutter Cleaning Strategy in Pearl City, HI

Once a hoarder has received the proper attention and has agreed to partake in their own recovery, a hoarder cleaning service can be employed in Pearl City, Hawaii to arrive and aid in the removal all of the offending material. It is important to gain the approval of the items to be thrown out by the hoarder first to avoid exacerbating what for them is already a very traumatic activity.

A professional hoarder cleanup company in Pearl City will be able to quickly develop a strategy and implement it so that the process occurs without too much delay, and with as little upset as possible. Cleaners will break the job down into bite-sized pieces that help the hoarder to focus on just one small area at a time to help them get through the process easier.

Here are some steps to follow that will give you a better chance of success when dealing directly with a hoarder who is living in an unsafe environment in Pearl City.

  1. Evaluate the Environment - How big is the collection and what will it take to get it gone? Break the job into smaller parts and begin slowly. Unused bedrooms, closets and corners are a good starting point.
  2. Deep Cleaning - Hoarders generally lose interest in trying to keep their home clean. They are often overwhelmed by their mess and are driven to despair by the idea of doing anything about it. This ties in with a collector's inability to throw things away.
  3. Useless Stuff First - Try to locate an area that is comprised mostly of items that obviously have no value. Trash bags, unread flyers, and catalogs that come in the mail, any rubbish that would normally be tossed out for the garbage truck.
  4. Removing Debris - It is going to be better to get a service to handle the hauling away of a hoarders collection. When it comes to a severe hoarder, you're going to need all the help you can get. Having a company on site to assist in the process is invaluable and when it comes time to start removing items you're going to want a service that is capable of providing you with a project box to haul away debris in one shot.
  5. Itemizing Possessions - Once all of the waste material has been removed it is time to engage in the more detailed process of separating the items to keep and the items to give away or sell.

Helping a hoarder confront and recover from their disorder is a wonderfully caring act, and helps not only the individual, but the community of Pearl City, Hawaii as well.

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